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Effects of nine planets on our life

The rays of Sun reaches every person living on earth, similarly doesnt the nine planets in the solar system effects our life? Yes they do effect life of each and every person living on earth. God has created this universe and situated nine planets next to Earth, so that those planets can provide good or bad results to persons according to one's deeds.

Consider one thing, rays of Sun provides warm effect to all, but some times those rays even give sunburn to some one, similarly each and every planet has their own effect on one's life, some times they provide benefits to a person and some times not.

From ages our ancestors have found a way to calculate the effects of what nine planets have on a person's life. They wrote all about the effects of the planets on us in the history, which is proved today.

The position of planets in astrology that might affect our lives is calculated by astrology.

My predictions will help you to know these situations, it will help you to know what influences your life, when, and what state of planets will be beneficial for you and take measures to lessen the ill effects of unfavorable conditions.

Nine Planets and Gems

God is very kind and merciful, God always benign us and forgiving us for our mistakes. Bestow his mercy on all of us in every way. Everything made at the time of creation, Sorrow with happiness, good with evil. As we are closer to God, He is also help us every way and even He is created the medium for help us. When planets has made, then their work is also defined that human, Goddess, God all should be awarded according to their work, and for reducing the annoyance of these planets, nine gemstones are build up. Some gems in the earth and some in the sea, are left because these gems could benefit us from any harm or hurt. Like in gems, Topaz comes out from the land and it is groomed by its cutting, then it is something like that and is eligible to wear. Which is smashing for the values and respects for advancement of business, then from that gemstones Sapphire gems of the same type, It also comes out of the ground and it reduces the influence of Saturn and made for the advancement of luck.

Onyx are also find from Isolated place of ground and like that after carving, It is also have important roles in the effects of planets.

Coral gemstone that comes from the sea but does not like a stone in the sea, it is wood of sea which is quite different in appearance and After carving it, it is also brought in use. It is perfect for reducing the impact of Mars Planet.

Similarly, other gems which God individually sustain us to reduce the impact of planets. Similarly, the effect of which planet is facing in your life and how long it will remain and for miniminze the effects of these, which gems should be wear, how long do you wear or wear it on whole life, we will tell you on the basis of astrological calculations, after wearing these gems or using the tips, you can reduce your problems. In Vedas and Puranas according to the position of planets, what is the effect of which planet in our lives, The calculation is only astrology, on the time of your birth which planet is where, the state/position of that planet is affects your life. What happens in the future or what will happen, then after calculating the positions of the planets of that time and planets of the current state, your present and future can be told.

Zodiac SignDates of SignZodiac Bitrh Stone
AriesMarch 22 to April 20Diamond
TaurusApril 21 to May 21Emerald
GeminiMay 22 to June 21Pearl
CancerJune 22 to July 23Ruby
LeoJuly 24 to August 21Peridot
VirgoAugust 22 to September 21Sapphire
LibraSeptember 22 to October 23Opal
ScorpioOctober 24 to November 21Topaz
SagittariusNovember 22 to December 21Turquoise
CapricornDecember 22 to January 20Garnet
AquariusJanuary 21 to February 19Amethyst
PiscesFebruary 20 to March 21Aquamarine
Janam Kundli!

The Kundli is the planetary position at the time of birth. Whenever a child is born the family gets janampatri (Jatakam, or Kundli) done for the new born. This practice is followed from ages in a hindu family. This jatakam or kundali is based on hindu vedic astrology. Therefore, Janam Kundli is pivotal in order to have an in-depth understanding of our lives to improve our lives and to tread the path of peace, success and prosperity.

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