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Vastu Tips

Vastu tips

Windows should not be on the both sides of the main door.

Windows bring more light & heat in the house due to which the balance of 'cli', 'yeen' and 'yang' disturbed and it is symbol of bad events. Due to windows on both sides of the doors the positive energy of 'chi' is vanished due to which many problms surround the landlords. To remove this fault flower pots are placed in the windows or curtains are hanged or money plant be installed in the windows.

Toilets and bathrooms should not be in front of the main gate.

Toilets and bathrooms should not be in front of the main gate. If it happens, doors of both should always be closed since it distroys the good energy 'chi' entering the house. Due to this negative energy flows in the house. To prevent this fault, 'yeen yang bagua' is placed above the door of the toilet.

Windows opening outside are good.

All windows of the house should open on the outer side. For good luck windows should be opened to their maximum. Windows opening to the outer side bring good energy in the house.

Kitchen should not be in front of the main gate.

If kitchen is in front of main gate, then 'chi' energy entering the house vanishes and due to which health of the inhabitants is destroyed. To prevent this error, 'Ganpati Bagua' is placed on the top of the kitchen door.

Clothes are not dried out at night.

Clothes should always drying in the sun or open air. By that clothes are influenced by Yang energy, which is good for our bodies. When we dry our clothes at night, then deadly 'chi' mostly put the bad affects on the clothes.

Cactus plant not planted in the house.

Never planted the cactus plant in Home, office or store items. Never put it in the front of main door of the house. It spreads negative energy in our house. Which causes a loss of wealth and health.

Stop Watches are unlucky at home.

Stop watches never put in the houses. Either correct them or Keep off these closed watches. These closed watches invites our misadvanture. By that we always have the loss.

Always hide the Broom and Dustbin

Always you use the closing dustbin and always put the broom on the secret place, otherwise which positive energy stayed in our house has been destroyed and never keep broom in kitchen, by that declines in both food and income. So that always keep the broom and dustbin in the secret place.

Knives, Scissors neither placed on the open space nor gift them.

Knives, Scissors like things, at times takes the form of rampage, which opens the door of misfortune for us. After using these things it is better to close them and put them to their proper place. Due to metal objects, these should not be in the east and south east of house because these directions are wood elements. Metal destroys wood. Because of that our health malfunction, and money is lost

In the kitchen sink and stove never kept these close.

In the kitchen Sink and stove are always stored away. Sink symbolizes the water element while stove symbolizes the element of fire. These are two rivals elements. If so, somebody in the family is definitely sick person and each remains in dispute.

Toilets, Bathrooms & kitchen should not be under the stairs.

In all these three, water flows and water flowing under the stairs is not good. If it is so, then to remove this fault, a crystal ball is hanged and can make store under the stairs.

Stairs should not be in the front of the main door.

According to vastu stairs in the front of the main gate is faulty and due to which the energy 'chi' entering in the house goes bad and the landlord of the house has to suffer economical or physical loss. To avoid this situation a crystal ball is hanged above the stairs or make partition of the stairs.

Clean the house before entering.

Whenever you take a house or shop, then clean it with salty water and enlighten aggarbath and get the broken things repaired and do vastu puja and havan.

Husband-wife should sleep on one pillow.

Husband-wife should sleep on one pillow. By doing so both can never be separated. Separate pillows are not pious for them as it can cause for their separation. So husband and wife should use a big pillow.

Waterfalls and ocean photos should not be placed in the bedrooms.

Waterfalls and ocean photos should not be placed in the bedrooms. If any photo is hanged in the bedroom should be taken off immediately otherwise it will create misunderstanding between the husband & wife.

Mirror should be placed in the gallery.

If the gallery is very long, then it is termed as faulty according to vastu. For shortcoming this fault hanged the mirror on the side wall.

Basement remains always under pressure.

According to Fengshui a person living in basement remains under tension & pressure. A flute covered with red ribbon is tied on the beam of the basement. Full light is created in the basement which should comes from the roof.

Mirror should not be hanged in front of the main gate of the house.

Mirror should not be hanged in front of the main gate of the house. Due to this the 'chi' entering the house is returned after reflecting the mirror.

Dry flowers are not stored in the house.

Fresh flowers represent 'yang' energy which is good for our well wishes and whereas dry flowers creates negative energy in the house, so dry flowers are immediately removed.

Once in a week house is cleaned by salted water.

If you cleans your house once in a week by salted water, then negative energy is reduced to a great extend and increased by positive energy.

Black Granite slab should not be in the kitchen.

Black color Granite slab is treated as water element, so black color Granite stone should not be used in the kitchen since fire and water are not kept together. If you cannot remove black Granite stone, then you should use Chump or mat behind the gas stove. According to castu by using a yellow light bulb can can also remove this fault.
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